Pulse Pursuit

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Pulse Pursuit combines the effectiveness of heart rate training with a style of functional fitness that maximizes strength and cardio results.  Participants can choose among small group training and large group settings.  Weekly workouts are ever-changing but at the core, participants will reach optimal heart rate zones utilizing Woodway treadmills, boxing stations, Concept Rowers, sleds, plyo boxes and “The Ramp.”


What does the program cost?

Cost is $99 per month which includes a session per week with a trainer. Your first month is really on us because it simply covers the cost of your individual heart rate monitor and boxing gloves.  When compared to the cost of personal training, this option is well suited for those who prefer the camaraderie found in group settings. *Cost does not include membership at South Reno Athletic Club.

What is unique about this program?

The unique aspect of Pulse Pursuit is the combination of many of the most effective and popular workout routines.  The gym floor is great, but nowadays, many fitness enthusiasts want the feel of more intense exercises such as sleds, boxing and ramp training.  It is also unique in the sense that it utilizes heart rate zones to maximize fat loss, aerobic thresholds and calorie burn.

How do I get started?

Try it out on us.  Simply contact a member of our sales team (775-853-4050) to get scheduled with a complimentary session or complete the form below.

Interested in Pulse Pursuit?

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