The Benefits of Ramp Training

Southrac Training Ramp

Want to burn more calories and decrease physical stress on your body? Adding the inclusion of incline training can accomplish the aforementioned goal. Southrac has recently added the unique feature of Ramp Training. This state of the art training device is designed to challenge the member by adding an opportunity to experience the benefits associated with incline training. Additionally, the Ramp allows the member to explore numerous movement modalities to enhance the overall training experience.

The benefits associated with incline training are vast. According to a study conducted by FreeMotion Fitness there are three primary benefits associated with incline training:

  • Increased heart rate and cardiovascular demand without increasing speed to high levels enabling exercisers to increase cardiovascular fitness without increasing risk of treadmill injury.
  • Increased muscular demands of walking and running enabling a muscular fitness workout during cardiovascular exercise.
  • Increased ability to burn fat through increased muscular activity at a slower speeds accelerating weight loss.

In short, the Ramp at Southrac allows the member to easily integrate muscular and cardiovascular benefits into their workout routine without placing a heavy load of stress on the body. Additionally, members can utilize Ramp Training to help prepare for a multitude of summer events. Southrac members have raved about the ability to incorporate obstacle course training and hiking preparation into their routine through the use of Ramp Training.

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