Reno Speed School Warm-Up Manual: Now on Sale

SouthRAC’s very own trainer, Travis Hansen has a new book ready to order. Below is some information on the book from the author himself. 

NEW Reno Speed School Manual CoverMy first book the “Reno Speed School Warm-Up Manual” is now officially available for sale! Here is a brief bullet list that summarizes what’s inside.

*It’s a proven scientific preparation strategy.

*Manual includes common rules and principles for proper and effective warm-up design.

*A majority of the rules are simply progressions of functions (e.i. slow to fast, stable to unstable, low intensity to high intenisty, etc.)

*The rules and principles are integrated in the proper sequence through a very practical training model that consists of 5 phases.

#1-Inhibition-Foam Rolling
#2-Lengthen-“Active” Flexibility and Mobility Training
#3-Activate-Muscle Activation Training
#4-Integrate-Dynamic Movement Training
#5-Plyometric Training

*The manual comes grounded in science with about a half dozen references, 53 pages, 41 exercises with detailed technical descriptions along with direct links to YouTube, and an awesome cover!

*It contains great peer review and client testimony. Kelly Baggett said: “It’s the most informative resource on warming up He’s seen in 20 years as a coach.

*For many this information will be common knowledge, while new for others, but it’s a unique interpretation of warm-up philosophy, nonetheless.

*It’s fun, challenging, and a system that I’ve been using with all of my athletes (youth—pro) and clients for years now with great success.

*The warm-up is truly a critical training component that is critical to increasing production in training objectives to follow, and should be treated as such.

*I’m working on making it available as an e-book, and through amazon, but for now It can be purchased at a competitive price of $19.99 at the link below. Or you can access it through my website: in the products section. Enjoy!