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The Ramp

Ramp Training

There are many benefits associated with ramp training. It is one of the purest methods for creating resistance which is ideal for high-intensity training or simply adding unique exercises to build endurance and strength.

“The Ramp” at Southrac is over 85-foot long. Whether your style is simply sprints or lunging up with a sandbag, you will quickly realize just why this is a favorite amenity at the club.

Utilize the full potential of the workout Ramp and get started with our Boot Camp Classes!

Indoor Track

Indoor Running Track

The indoor running track rests on a floating floor to provide a low impact surface and provide a year-a-round opportunity to maximize your cardio workouts.  The track is approximately 1/10th of a mile with plenty of long straight stretches to incorporate high-intensity interval training, speed lunges and a variety of ply-o-metric exercises.  


Reno Speed School combines the expert instruction.
Participate for as little as $49 for an hour session and speed assessment.

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