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South Reno Athletic club Training programs

Professionally designed programs combined with expert trainers to help you reach your goals.


Finding a personal trainer

Put simply, Southrac has taken training to another level.  We have expert trainers who work with other experts in the field to create programs that are safe, effective and motivating.

There are also complimentary demo’s available for members to sample the training programs and formats (one-on-one to small groups) to see just what it is all about and understand why it works.


Let a Trainers expertise help you reach your goals

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Three seesion of Personal Training special only $99.

Jump start your results. Personal Training special, only $99 for three sessions.

Semi-Private Personal Training:
Semi-private training is a great way to work with a small group of people (2-5) who are working toward goals similar to yours. Semi-private sessions help foster deeper trainer-client relationships and individual customization and provide a great workout every time.

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Need some extra help!

Our trainers motivate and keep you safe. There are so many ways to define your body, let us help make it easy for you to get started.

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We have many different personal trainers to help suit your fitness needs.

You may also choose to participate for as little as $49 for an hour session and speed assessment.

Reno Speed School combines the expert instruction and professional equipment needed for those athletes who are serious about improving their athletic performance. Designed for ages 12 and above, participants have seen significant testing improvements in areas such as vertical leap, 40-yard dash, overall strength and more.

Complete the form below to receive more information or to get started. We offer 2 different ways to help you get started. You can schedule a time to spectate a session to see what it’s all about. You may also choose to participate for as little as $49 for an hour session and speed assessment, testing current abilities such as 40-yard dash, vertical leap, and strength.

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Boot Camp: [Intermediate-Advanced]
Boot camp is a great way to ramp up your current fitness program or jump-start your fitness goals. Boot camp takes place throughout the gym and provides members with the opportunity to use a variety of exercises in a highly motivating environment.

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Youth Programs

Kids Playroom:

Monday through Saturday, the Kids Playroom is open for our members’ children. The staff is professional, caring and fun. Oftentimes, children will complete arts, crafts and even face painting while attending.

Playroom Hours:
Monday-Thusrday 9:00am – 1:15pm & 4:00pm – 8:00pm

Friday 9:00am – 1:15pm
Saturday  8:00am – 12:00pm

*Children must be at least 9 months of age.

What is available for youth at Southrac?

Throughout the year, Southrac offers many different activities for children. We focus on providing youth an opportunity to enjoy activities that center on both fun and fitness. This year we hosted camps featuring the Lakers Ramon Sessions and former Harlem Globetrotter Eathan O’Bryant! 


With 2 full-size basketball courts and a host of professional athletes who have trained at our facility, youth basketball are a strong amenity at Southrac to motivate and further kids fitness.


Professionally certified trainers work with youth ages 12 and up. We can help your child build a solid fitness foundation and achieve their health goals, such as improved athletic performance, weight loss and how to exercise safely.


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