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Multiple Cardio & Weight Rooms

The perfect combination of space and equipment to maximize your workouts. Enjoy training with today’s most credible brands, such as Freemotion, Woodway, Hammer Strength, Precor and more.


weight rooms

Capitalizing on the size of the facility, Southrac utilizes multiple areas to facilitate strength training.  Between the upstairs weight room (overlooking the facility), a Circuit Area with two of each piece of equipment, Hammer Strength training area and “The Cave”, your workout experience will prove spacious with lots of options.

Weights & Dumbbells

Hammer Strength Machines

Hammer Strength is designed to move with the body’s natural path of motion.

Cable Machines

Motion Technology delivers effective and versatile multi-dimensional strength training. User-defined paths of motion allow for nearly endless exercise possibilities and build balance, strength, and power.

Precor Circuit

Our downstairs weight room is fully stocked with Precor cable machines.  To help ensure access to machines, there are two identical pieces of each part of the circuit.

"The Cave" weight room

Loaded with barbells, battle ropes, dumbells, deadlift station and much more. 


Multiple Cardio areas

With over 90,000 square foot of space, we have allocated multiple areas to provide members the best experience possible for cardio workouts.  We have cardio areas overlooking the facility, looking out windows and tucked into areas designed with space in mind.

Treadmills, Bikes, Stryders, AMT's and More.

Stair-stepper Machines

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